Thursday, May 14

Become A Coupon Superstar Day 14: Sailing Through Checkout


We all want our coupon shopping to go smoothly. This means no problems and sliding through checkout. Here are some tips to help make that happen, however know sometimes things just happen.

I cannot stress how important this is. If you feel up to it ask them how they’re doing. Remember cashiers are people too.

Heads up
If I plan to do more than one transaction, I simply let them know and ask if it’s ok. Of course, I know it is ok to do it. So why bother? Well, I want to give them fair warning and a choice. I feel it helps to put them in the right mind set.

Be Courteous
I don’t know if you have noticed but using coupons is not always looked at in a positive light. This is why it is important to be aware and courteous of others. If you have a big purchase and someone gets behind you with a few things, let them go ahead. If your stuff is already on the counter let them now you may be awhile as you’re using coupons. Now, it’s up to them to wait it on or move onto another lane. By the way, the same goes if you are doing multiple transactions.

Be Prepared
Have all your coupons ready to hand to the cashier and store card if needed before you get there. I take my coupons out of my binder as I get the product and place them in a pile in my cart. Once I’m done with my shopping list I then double check to make sure I have all my coupons. I then add them up to know how many I have. This is so that at checkout I can count the number of beeps to be sure all my coupons were scanned.

Store Policy
You don’t want to hand over your coupons just to find out they don’t take internet printables or you can only use 3 like coupons and so on and so forth. Save yourself, your cashier and others time by knowing the policy.

Speak up
If you do have a problem during checkout politely, discuss it with your cashier. If it still can’t be fixed, ask to speak with a manager. It is okay to speak up. You just have to decide how much time you’re willing to give up to get the problem fixed. Or if it’s better to let it go.

Check your receipt
Mistakes happen all the time it is perfectly natural. So check over your receipt before you leave the store. If you see a mistake just go over to customer service and they will handle it or let your cashier know. If you catch it during checkout politely point it out.

Remember sometimes people are just plain mean and no matter what you do there is no stopping their rudeness. Pray for them and then just grin and bear it!

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