Sunday, March 28

Randall's: FREE Herbal Essence and John Frieda

Here are a few HOT deals you can score at Randall's this week. The first two are part of the Buy three, Save $3 Health & Beauty promotion going on. So, you do have to buy in groups of three and will need more than one of the same coupons. Now on with the deals.
Buy 3 Herbal Essence @ $1.99 ea
- BOGO from the 2/7 PG (will take off $4.49)
- (2) $1/1 from the 3/14 RP
= -52¢
Buy 3 John Frieda @ $3.99 ea
- (3) $3/1 coupons
= $2.97
I know you're thinking the John Frieda is certainly not free but just wait and you'll see how to snag it for FREE!! Also if you have three B1G1 Herbal Essence coupons and three $1/1 coupons you can score 6 FREE and it will be a $4.53 money maker! Sweet!

This next deal is on the Suave Naturals body wash for women or men. I posted this before, so this is a recap...When you buy 4 or more they are $1.25 each. Plus for every 2 you buy you will get a $1.50 OYNO catalina. Here's how to work this deal:
Buy 6 Suave Body washes @ $1.25 ea
- (2) B2G1 from the 3/14 SS (will take off $2)
- (4) 50¢/1 from Randalls coupon booklet
= 1.50
Get back THREE $1.50 OYNO cats
Final cost: FREE + $3 mm
On the Suave if you only have one B2G1 coupon and three 50¢/1 coupons, you will still come out ahead after the catalina.

Now onto the John Frieda, if you do the above three deals you will score the John Frieda FREE plus still make a little money after the catalinas. Here is the breakdown:
Buy 3 Herbal Essence @ $1.99 ea
Buy 3 John Frieda @ $3.99 ea
Buy 6 Suave Body washes @ $1.25 ea = $25.44
- BOGO HE from the 2/7 PG (will take off $4.49)
- (2) $1/1 HE from the 3/14 RP
- (3) $3/1 JF coupons
- (2) B2G1 Suave from the 3/14 SS (will take off $2)
- (4) 50¢/1 Suave from Randalls coupon booklet
= $3.95
Get back THREE $1.50 OYNO catalinas
Final cost: FREE + 55¢ mm
Thanks, SD!


  1. Anybody know any coupon clipping services that have the John Frieda coupons?

    This is the only shampoo that I can use on my hair.

    I've tried The Coupon Clippers and Manufacturer's

    Any ideas?

  2. Coupons & Things By Dede has them.