Friday, April 23

Miss me??

I'm sure by now you've noticed my lack of post. Well, I have been battling some tooth pain since last Thurs. Went to see the dentist last Friday turns out I need a root canal but needed to get rid of some infection first. So, got my meds and made an appointment for the root canal on, wait for it....May 4th!! That's a long time to be living on pain meds but I figured it should get better and I'll be fine. NOT! I called the dentist today to get a refill on the pain meds plus to let'em know the infection is draining and causing sinus problems, uggh just great. Dr. calls back says I can see you now we had a cancellation to which I reply "Great, see you in 15!" By the way I HATE the dentist.

I arrive they do their thing or half of it. Turns out the infection is still too bad thus causing the anesthesia not to take which means they can't get to the other root. So I have to go back next week for them to finish. She gave me one last shot for the road, bless her heart but it only lasted about 10 minutes. Can you say pain? I came home and stayed up long enough to go pick up my meds, then knocked out for almost 3 hours!!

I am feeling much better now and still have some throat pain from the sinus infection but that is nothing compared to the pain I was in before. I plan to get the grocery match ups done tonight and the drug store steals deals too. Thanks for sticking with me and hopefully things will return to normal around here.

Did I mention that on top of all that my daughter has FOUR teeth coming in!! I tell you when it rains it pours...


  1. Sure hope you feel better. Tooth pain is the worst and then to have to take care of your family! I hope your husband helps!!
    Love your posts-you are the one that keeps me saving, saving, saving and I love it!!
    Thanks a million!

  2. Awww, thanks so much! I'm glad to be able to help you save! Keep it up.

    Thank goodness my hubby does help. He took care of the little one yesterday while I went to the dentist and slept even though he had to go to work last night. He's a KEEPER!! *wink*

  3. I missed you and I am glad to see you back. Sorry to hear about your teeth but you are a trooper, I for one would be MIA if that was me, I hate the dentist too.

  4. I wondered where you were and really, really missed you.

    I'm so glad you are back. Hope you get feeling better.

    Thanks for the concise Wags and CVS posts. You are much appreciated. I'm such a FAN.

  5. Thanks you guys! You truly make blogging worth it!