Monday, June 14

Walgreens: Huge Moneymaker on Nivea Bodywash

The Nivea bodywash deal at Wags just got better! The Nivea Active3 bodywash (light blue lettering ONLY) is ringing up BOGO! Which makes this deal super sweet. Here's how to work it:
Buy 2 Nivea for Men Active 3 Body Wash @ $5.99 each (B1G1 FREE)
Buy a 39¢ soup or other cheap filler to pick up 1¢ overage
- (2) $3/1 coupons from 5/2 RP
= 38¢
Final cost: FREE + $5.60 mm!
*If you have a jedi cashier that will adjust the second Q to $2.99 you could skip the filler and pay nothing!

It just hit me that this deal is even sweeter since we can now use our RRs at Randalls. Yeah for FREE groceries!!


  1. Miss you long list of Blogs. I loved being able to click on so many sites from your site.

    Any chance some might return?

  2. Hmmm, I don't remember shortening it, knowing me I did it without even realizing it. I will try to remember which ones they were and add them back.

  3. Thanks so much. I visit the site every day. I start with your news.

    You had about twenty links. I come to your site because of these links.

    It makes it a one stop shop for blogging, but I ALWAYS START WITH YOU!