Thursday, August 6

Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour: FREE

Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour is coming to Houston on Tuesday, August 11th from 9am - 7pm at the Houston Amtrak Station. From the site: 'Guest will get a behind the scenes look at the magic, the spectacle, and the cutting edge technology of Disney's "A Christmas Carol" starring Jim Carrey and directed by Robert Zemeckis - and it's all for FREE!! The train will consist of several exhibit cars that will give guests an inside look at the making of "A Christmas Carol" in a fun and interactive way. Plus a 3-D theatre tent where guests can get a sneak peak of some selected scenes from the film!'

What: Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Train Tour
Where: Houston Amtrak Station - 902 Washington Avenue
When: 9am - 7pm

This sounds like fun. I think we're going to be having a family day and I know just what we're going to do. Yipee!!


  1. Hi there! I just wanted to give you some tips on this event since it went through Utah in June and we went. The lines are long. We had the same hours and it was only in Utah for one day. We stood in line for close to 2 hours and we were there at 10. If you're taking little kids they most likely won't be too interested and water is a must. My 3 year old was disappointed that the train didn't move and couldn't understand what we were there for. My 6 year old was okay with it but had a cousin to play with while in line. The train is very interesting for older kids and adults. Be prepared towards the end of the train tour with your ticket and needing your hands to be free of stuff (backpack isn't a bad idea). You'll need to scan your ticket at a screen that takes pictures of your face (you'll need your hands to lift up little ones) and it morphs it to a character. Also, there's a short preview of the movie at a separate area and you can't go until you've been through the train tour. It's also an extra line to wait in (only 20 minutes for us) but worth it. My son really didn't like it and Scrooge was scary looking and close up because of 3-D glasses. I hope this helps you to be prepared and make the most of this free event!!

  2. Wow! I do have one little one, so thanks for the heads up. I'll now be better prepared plus now I know to get there before 9. My other two are older so they should enjoy it. And I'll be sure to take the stroller. Thanks, for all the info!