Thursday, February 25

CVS: New Coupon Booklet

UPDATE: These have also been spotted at Safeway stores.

CVS has a new coupon booklet out. So, next time you're in there look around for it. Inside you'll find the following manufacturer coupons:

$1 off 2 12 packs of diet coke
$1 off 2 diet coke bottle multi-packs
$1 off 2 Swanson Premium chunk chicken breast
$1 off 1 Nestea 12 packs
$2 off 2 Pepperidge Farm baked naturals snack crackers or whole grain breads
$1 off 2 Dasani 12 pack bottles
$1 off 3 Prego Heart Smart Sauce
$1 off 2 Nestea fridgepack cans
$1 off 3 Campbell’s Select Harvest healthy request or chunky healthy request soups

Thanks, ForTheMommas!

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