Wednesday, February 24

Giving Half And Half

I recently scored some chocolate milk on clearance. Chocolate milk is not a staple in our household in spite of my hubby's protest. Well, they (hubby & oldest) have been really good at making it last.

However, my little monster not so much. I gave her a glass, she lifted it to her mouth and gulped. She didn't even bother coming up for air. I mean cause who needs air when you have chocolate milk, right? She proceeded to drink it ALL and when she was done she sat back and relished in the delicious, chocolaty bliss she had been deprived of all her life (she's 19 months). You're not buying this are you? Good, cause what she did was look at me and say "more". I said "no", so she said "please". Don't go ahhing on me, it's not cute! It's a trick, people. Trust me. I. Know.

Needless to say I've created a monster (oh wait she was already a monster)! Now whenever you open the refrigerator door she starts saying "drink". I play dumb and point to the milk, she gives me that look that says "Seriously, you're gonna try that on me?" and proceeds to tell me "No" while pointing at the chocolate milk. O-kay, die of thirst then cause you are not getting any! *insert evil laugh* I thought that or maybe I thought out loud, it's all a blur. She plays with my mind.

Anyway, the whole pointing at the milk while looking at the chocolate got me thinking. Scary, I know. I had an idea! The sky parted, the angels sang, the sun bathed me in all of it's warmth. Glorious! Okay, so that part didn't happen. It should have but you know if it happens for me, everybody wants it and it would just turn into this big ole thing. S'ight, I'm cool with it. Where was I? Oh yeah, so I decided to put half milk and half chocolate in her cup, actually less then half. Shh! Don't tell the monster. She drank it and all was well in the world.

By the way have you ever tasted chocolate milk? That stuff is super sweet, which is the other reason I didn't want to give her anymore. I mean hello, monster or monster on sugar? Hmm, go ahead take your time....

The moral of the story, go half chocolate, half white it works for me and my monster baby. Of course diluting your kids juice drinks with water works great too.

EDIT: I just reread this and had to laugh. I put monster with the line through it than baby, but you still read it making it "monster baby". Ha! Funny the way the subconscious works.


  1. This is too funny! I'm glad she was fooled with the half and half! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Tip Tuesday! Love Your blog by the way!

  2. Maria,
    thank you and thanks for stopping by.

    Glad I could make you laugh. You are too sweet and I love your blog too. I hope to link up again.

  3. Wonderful story about the ways we "try" to keep sugar from little ones, hoping they don't become addicted like we are.

  4. Years ago when my kids were all little I used to buy a quart on a rare occasion I always diluted the whole thing. It is the only way I like it. You should try it and I bet your husband and older child won't mind either. I love toddlers - they can be so sweetly manipulative!