Tuesday, April 6

Walgreens: Nature's Bounty Money Maker, Cheap Old Spice & Gillette Sensor 3

Ok, guys I have a few sweet deals for you to score at Wags this week. On all of these YMMV since they are all BOGO free or BOGO half off deals. So, some stores will allow two coupons on BOGO free items and some won't. On the BOGO half off deals some stores will use the half off price on FREE item coupons. It's hit or miss. So, know your cashier and your stores policy.

Let's start with the Nature's Bounty money maker. The Nature's Bounty vitamins are on BOGO free sale this week. If you have purchased these in the past (got free at CVS) you can join the Nature's Bounty Healthy Rewards program and enter in your codes from them...500 points will get you a $5/1 coupon, hit your back button and you will be able to print 6 per computer/email. The Nature's Bounty Garlic are priced at $6.49, and the Melatonin is $6.99 (these were the cheapest ones I saw). So, you'll score either $3.51 or $3.01 in overage so make sure you have items in your transaction to use it on.

Next Old Spice products are on BOGO half off sale. If your cashier looks at the receipt for the price it will show the regular price as the 50% off doesn't deduct till coupons are scanned and final total is keyed. Here is the scenario to score Old Spice body wash and deo for cheap:
Buy 2 Old Spice Odor Blocker body wash $4.49 (these were in area by cosmetics counter)
Buy 2 Old Spice Fresh Collection deodorant $4.99
- (2) BOGO body wash from the 3/7 PG
- (1) BOGO deodorant from the 3/7 PG
- $4.75 (50% off) *deducts last
= 24¢ for all four!!
Now, if your cashier wanted to use the 50% price and full price for the body washes and regular price for the deo, there's no reason the cheaper one has to be used...it's still a good deal.

Last but not least the Gillette Sensor 3 disposable razors are $7.99 and BOGO 50% off. Use the BOGO coupon from the 4/4 PG and the $2/1 from the 3/7 PG to score two packs for $1.99.

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